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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moving and moving on

I'm beginning to realize just how difficult moving can be, especially moving to a new city where I don't really know anyone.  I have a few friends here that I've gotten to see from time to time, which is definitely amazing.  It can be so nice just to see a familiar face, but even though this change can be really tough, I keep reminding myself that I just have to give myself time to adjust.  I'll meet new people and develop new friendships.  Things just take time.

"I believe that we can trust change and give ourselves time to respond and feel the losses, and then know that the gifts are being, or will be revealed."
- Sark

So, as pick me up, last night I made a list of my pows and wows for yesterday -- pows are down parts of your day and wows are good parts of your day.

- Being homesick
- Not getting all the work done that I was intending to get done

- Finding Graeters ice cream in Chicago!
- Working out
- Having a close friend remind me that everything will get better, that it just takes time.
- Discovering Lady Gaga's new song:  You and I
- Blowing bubbles in my room :)

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