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Friday, November 4, 2011

Once Again...

... Time got away from me.

I'm not good with routinely blogging.  I'm trying to get better.

I pinky promise.

However, I may not be able to fulfill that promise until finals are done.

In law school, the only grade you have for an entire semester is your final exam.

It's terrifying.

It's beyond terrifying.

So from now until mid-December, I have resigned myself to the fact that my desk is going to be in a constant state of messiness:


And that I'm going to constantly feel like this:


And because of these resignations, I have bought myself flowers and placed them in a beer bottle turned flower vase, which I find absolutely lovely.

I have also discovered that running everyday is absolutely wonderful.  In my book, no better stress relief exists besides the rhythmic beat of sneakers hitting the pavement.  


(Images 2/4 from - We Heart It)

And now, I think I'm going to log off, shut down, and go run! :)  
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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