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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So is it lame to do a welcome to blogging post? Or a 'why did I decide to do this post?' Meh...who's to say what's cool and lame anyways?  Basically, I have decided to embark into the world of blogging and I'm not quite sure what motivated me to do so.

Since I deleted my facebook, I've needed something to occupy my time.  Hence, I started reading fashion blogs and instantly fell in love.  Although my obsession with clothes, in particular dresses, is a constant drain on my pocketbook, I've loved being able to find different ways to wear clothes.  Additionally, they've given me the courage to start buying more vintage and thrift-store clothes -- something I've always wanted to do.

Ultimately, I started this blog for me.  Whether it is a way to express myself or to release my nerves as I wait to hear back from law schools, I hope this blog will grow and evolve with me as I find my way through my senior year at school.

As a small aside, these amazing cupcakes were waiting for me when I got home yesterday!  Happiness.

It might be too early to ask this; however, why did you start your blogs?

Food for thought.

Goodnight world.


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